Gas Appliances unchecked?  Call us Today for your  Gas Safety Certificate (CP12) 
Fixed Price Gas Certificate up to 3 Appliances £85  No Vat

What Does a Gas Safety Certificate Include:

  • Check Appliances for Gas Tightness  (Gas Leaks)
  • Check Standing & Working Pressure of Gas Appliances.
  • Check for Satisfactory Ventilation of Gas Appliances.
  • Flue Flow Test to Ensure Safe Removal of Products of Combustion.
  • Check Flame Picture of Gas Hob / Gas Cooker.
  • Carry out a Combustion Test of the Gas Boiler to Check for (CO) Carbon Monoxide.
  • Check Gas Meter for Electrical Bonding.
  • Check Satisfactory Operation of all Flame Failure Devices.